Amusing Pets!


There are many reasons why having a pet can be good for you from keeping you company, to getting you out of the house for walks, to being a great conversation starter with people. I think perhaps my favourite reason for having pets though is for their entertainment value! On a daily basis they tend to make you smile or even laugh with their silly and unusual habits and characteristics and even when they’ve done something truly irritating, disgusting or embarrassing, very often as a pet owner you still look back on it as rather entertaining! Here are a few of my favourite examples…


They like to explore...



"Our horse Roo is too inquisitive for his own good…he loves to explore everywhere including our porch and landrover (that’s where he finds wellies and tea cakes to chew on!)" Mike



"Our bunny Bella is a bit of an explorer…we once had one of those canvas-covered open wardrobes and at every opportunity she got, she would jump onto the lowest shelf and work her way up, nudging her way through my soft jumpers and scarves and leaving a trail of destruction behind her! She has always been determined to get under our bed as well, despite our best efforts to barricade it with cardboard boxes!" Emma


They can’t get enough of Food...


"Our dog was obsessed with softmints and cheese!" Anita



"Bella is so obsessed with veggies that when we put the plastic bowl down she sticks her front paws on the edge of it causing it to tip over and immerse her head in kale, parsley and carrot…she doesn’t seem to have a problem with this!" Craig


"We once had two cats who would sit at the table with us on empty seats whilst we were eating dinner hoping for some leftovers!" Barry


"Our old dog had a habit of eating our defrosting (but mostly still frozen) food off the kitchen counters including profiteroles and sausages (mmm, crunchy!)" Emma


They love their Toys...



"Our dog Honey loved her toy “Jack the Lemon” so much that when you got it out of the cupboard she wouldn’t be able to contain her excitement and would tear around the house like a complete nutter! She was also partial to her Frisbee! Also, if you ever dropped a grape on the floor she’d go mad and play with it until it got squished (luckily she didn’t eat any of them which is a good job as they are poisonous to dogs!)" Matt


They like their home comforts...



"Our dog Holly can’t sleep without a blanket over her and she won’t relax properly until you wrap her up in one like a big baby!" Christine



"Our bunny Bryn likes to lick his blankets…we still haven’t worked out why exactly but we think maybe it’s a comfort thing!" Emma


"Our puppy Maddy will drag her blanket around the house so she can lie on it wherever she goes." Craig


They like to sit, lie and sleep in strange positions and places...



"Our bunnies are quite partial to lying and sleeping under our clothes horse. They also have a funny habit of lying on their front with their legs stretched out behind them which looks ridiculous (we once had a dog who did the same thing!) I also love the way they just flop over onto their sides!" Emma


"I once had a cat who liked to sleep across my throat…it was slightly disconcerting the first time I woke in the night to find him there!" John



"Maddy likes to sit on your lap even though she’s much too big for it…it doesn’t matter where you’re sitting, she’ll be there!" Craig



"Holly will often try her luck and attempt to sneak onto the sofa even though she is a Great Dane so doesn’t exactly fit very easily! Sometimes she’ll just settle for perching her bum on the seat." Christine


Sometimes they do not-so-adorable things...


"Our dog Bonnie used to wake herself up by breaking wind, look disgusted with the smell and then leave the room. It was as if she were thinking “those disgusting humans!”"Craig


"Once our dog decided to go for a bit of a jaunt through some wet concrete. Suffice to say the guys laying it weren’t too happy but my wife was even less impressed having to quickly hose the dog down before the concrete set! The paw prints are still on the pavement to this day." Rob


"Our dog once ran onto a football pitch mid-game and then tried to play with the ball! Luckily the players saw the funny side but it was slightly embarrassing to say the least and we weren’t exactly impressed!" Barry


"We once woke on Christmas morning to find that our dog had had a major case of “the squits” in the night and our dining room had been her place of choice to relieve herself…this was an hour or two before we had guests arriving for Christmas lunch! A lot of candles and Febreze were used that day!" Louise


"We had not long had our five month old puppy when we decided to take her for a nice walk in the country. Halfway across a field we realised that our pup was no longer with us so we walked back into the previous field only to find that she had managed to herd the entire field of cattle into a corner! She looked very pleased with herself but the cows were slightly less relaxed!" Rob


Yep, our pets are definitely entertaining!!


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