Charcoal Portrait of Bebe the Piebald Horse - From Start to Finish

Bebe the Piebald horse was commissioned by Jean for her daughter Tracey.
Jean wanted me to do a full-body portrait of Bebe to show off her distinctive markings and we decided that a large detailed drawing would work best.
Bebe's drawing was a little bit of a challenge for me as I had to remove the rider and harness from the image and fill in the missing parts. In addition to this, the only other images Jean could get hold of (without ruining the surprise for Tracey) were of Bebe's other side which meant that I had to use a bit of artistic licence with the markings underneath Bebe's saddle!
Bebe took around eighteen hours to draw and I finished the finished portrait with a striking black mount.
Luckily Tracey was very pleased with the final piece!

"Bebe was received with great delight, by my daughter-in- law Tracey. The portrait is now framed and has a place of pride hung on their sitting room wall. Your drawing is a true picture of Bebe the horse. The portrait will be looked after for years to come, giving pleasure to a lot of people to admire your work. I would recommend you to anyone looking to commission you to produce a portrait of their pets."


My Mother in Law Jean Denniss commissioned you to sketch my piebald horse. I received it for Christmas and was absolutely thrilled with my portrait of my gorgeous Bebe. You have such a talent and I wanted to thank you so much and tell you how much I loved it.

T. Denniss



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