Charcoal Portrait of Pom Bear - From Start to Finish

The very sweet Pom Bear was commissioned by James for his girlfriend Katie.
Katie had previously asked me to draw a portrait of their dog Pickles for James' 30th birthday so James wanted to return the favour!
I drew Pom Bear as one of my medium-sized sketches and he took around seven hours to complete. I love how adorable and fluffy he looks!

"We have commissioned 3 animal portraits from Emma in the past year, 2 dogs and a cat. The whole process was quick, easy and personal.  It was a delight to deal with Emma.  All the portraits were beautifully drawn in pencil and capture our pet's personalities perfectly. Emma's attention to detail is second to none and  each drawing picks out our pets unique markings impeccably. They have pride of place in our living room. We could't recommend Emma enough and we wish her every success."

K. Gibbs



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