Charcoal Portrait of Sparrow the Wire Haired Dachshund - From Start to Finish



Sparrow was my second commission from the lovely Sue - she had previously asked me to draw her greyhound Mollie who had sadly died in 2017.

After Sparrow gave birth to puppies in late 2017, her owner who was a friend of Sue's kindly gave one of them to Sue after she lost Mollie. Sue wanted me to draw a portrait of Sparrow to give her friend as a thank you gift.

Sparrow was such a pleasure to draw - just look at those soulful eyes!

I drew her as a medium sized portrait sketch and displayed her in a black mount.

See her portrait coming together in the video below:

"A big Thank You for the wonderful portrait of Sparrow. As you know it was a gift for a friend who gave us one of her puppies after we lost our wonderful Mollie.  They absolutely loved it.  I will be returning to you again as I have a pony mad daughter who has a big birthday coming up..I can't think of anyone else I would want to do Cherry’s portrait for her.Thank you once again."

S. Winslade

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