Introducing My Small Pet Portrait Sketches!

I’ve been spending the last few months sketching away like mad creating lots of designs for my Christmas collection of cards and prints. I’ve drawn a range of lovely animals including a donkey, mouse, bird and deer.
Whilst working on the last sketch it suddenly occurred to me that I could introduce a new smaller sketch option to my pet portraits as well…and that is exactly what I have done!
The sketches are drawn on A4 paper and the actual portrait measures around 6”x8”. They come ready mounted (there is a choice of three colours; black, honey and blue) so they are all ready to give to that special someone. I also offer a gift wrapping service. 
They're a great option for people who don’t have quite as much to spend on a present for someone or who are just working to a tighter deadline (like Christmas!)
Sketches cost £60 for one animal and £65 for two (due to their small size I can only fit a maximum of two animals in).
Please see my "Small Sketches" page for more details. 

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