Round-up of the Week

It's been another busy week although at the weekend we had some time to relax and put on our dancing shoes at a “Best of British” summer ball. I donned my very fetching Boudica costume to accompany my cricketer boyfriend!
The weather was gorgeous this week although a little exhausting at times! It gave us the opportunity to get out and about and explore the Cotswolds with Maddy (who unfortunately has taken a liking to chasing bees!) We travelled over to Broadway tower for a wander around, a cup of tea and to take in the stunning views.
Back in the studio I’ve been working on two commissions…Siege the horse is coming along nicely and I hope to have him finished soon and ready to go to his new home in Wales. I’ve also started working on Rameses the 12 year old Egyptian Mau. Sadly he is struggling with some health issues but hopefully seeing his portrait will cheer him up! See his progress here.
There's been a lot of focus on black and white art and photography recently as I have been explaining why I always choose to do my portraits in monochrome…see my pinterest board here for a selection of inspirational images.

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